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Residential Air Conditioning

Home – just this one word gives you a feel of comfort, warmth and safety. This is where you’d leave all the worries of the world behind, sit back and relax as you wish to. And what do you need to make you feel ‘at home’? Well, how about a nice, air conditioned interior. Amped Up Solutions is here to make that happen for you. Just give us a call and we’ll be there to ensure the right air conditioning for your space.

Air conditioned homes in Sydney and Greater Western Sydney

We offer our services to homes located in Greater Western Sydney and Sydney suburbs. Amped Up Solutions will be there to ensure that your home gets the professional touch that it deserves. We are certified by the Australian Refrigeration Council. That ARCtick mark is a sign that you can rest assured regarding the safety and precautionary measures we take while completing our work.

Why Amped Up Solutions?

First, we are certified. Second, we offer a warranty on our work. Third, we work with trained technicians. Fourth, we are available at all hours of day and night to answer your emergency calls. Fifth, we offer an obligation free quote – just fill in the details and our friendly staff members will be in touch.

We have some amazing deals to suit your lifestyle and budget. Contact us today!


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Amped Up Solutions is a young and vibrant company utilising the latest and greatest technology to offer our customers superior solutions.


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  •    (02) 4789 2268
  •    info@ampedupsolutions.com.au